Sunday, September 24, 2017


Nathan spent the first 10 years without a brother. He has a great older cousin who he gels with and they act like best bros when together, but never a live in brother.

It has actually been very beautiful watching God graft Junhan into our family. At first we were worried that Nathan would feel slighted, being the only boy, having the new kid show up. But in true, beyond what we can imagine fashion, God is knocking our socks off with brotherly love.

Nathan and Junhan LOVE  each other. They love building Legos, fishing, Nerf wars, riding scooters, chasing each other, and discovering things... i.e. what happens if you shoot a leaf blower at your brother.

They will intently listen to each other describe some mind numbing Lego creation or super hero attack.

Today at church, like every other Sunday they were busy being so into each other, I was worried they were distracting the crowd. They had found some straws, cut holes, and were playing their straw piccolos along with the worship music. Nathan was playing Junhan's back like a drum, they are hugging, they have their arms around each other, I am closing my eyes trying to concentrate on Jesus.

I look over and see a mom I do not know, smiling at me. I roll my eyes at her, trying to apologize that my boys' antics are distracting her. After church she comes over to introduce herself to us. She has been coming to our church for a couple of weeks. Week one she sees my boys interact and is brought to tears. You see she has a blonde biological son about 4 and an adopted 2 yr old son from China. They are church shopping and when she saw our boys it was a sweet glance into her future. She said she felt like God affirmed them that this was their church by watching our boys. The next week, the girls and I were on time, and Perry and the boys were late. She looked over and didn't see them. She said to her husband, "where are my boys?". They came in bouncing a few minutes later. She can't miss them since Junhan picks out the SAME neon shirt I got from the Doerflers a couple weeks ago.

 Today, Nathan dressed in neon like his brother.
After the service, in the bathroom, another friend said to me, "It blesses me so much to see the love your boys share."
Huh. I was worried that it would distract people from God, turns out He is using it to point people to Him. You see, Jesus IS knitting us together! We were scared Nathan would feel slighted, but instead he has been blessed, beyond what we could have asked or imagined.
Junhan is the brother Nathan never knew he wanted, but cannot imagine living without.

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